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Hi I’m Andrea but you can call me Andie for short. A few months ago I took on an exciting new challenge and moved myself and my life over 6,000 miles from the place I called home to live in the Kikavu region of Tanzania. This is all part of my latest job working as Project Manager for an amazing charity called Health Amplifier. Although far from home, it’s not hard for me to find comfort in what I do, on a daily basis meeting some of the incredible people, young and old, who are impacted by the charity’s work. I’m here to document the work we do and share it with the world; a privilege that challenges me every day.

Previous to Health Amplfier, I was a photographer for another charity in Tanzania, so flexing my creative muscles is something I love to do. Luckily, at Health Amplifier there is no shortage of creative jobs to get my teeth into. Alongside coordinating the projects, I know how important the power of imagery is and my photography of various projects helps showcase the great work being done in the region. I have also been involved in writing and re-branding a new website that will launch later this year, hopefully helping us communicate our amazing story even more clearly to the world. We want to inspire the audience with positivity, showing that no matter where you are, there can be happiness, hope and healthcare for everyone and I have tried to capture this in everything from the website to literature and photography.

Andie will be sharing her favourite stories and photographs from Tanzania on B&T Lifestyle each month, starting from September…

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